Re: SIAI: Donate Today and Tomorrow

From: Aleksei Riikonen (
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 11:36:56 MDT

Kwame Porter-Robinson wrote:
> SIAI is great. But its maximum impact has been made.
> To get more income it's going to have to do
> something different. SIAI can't match the
> heavyweights in terms of oratory ability or presence.
> But it can do something else as equally striking.
> That something else is exploratory coding. It
> doesn't have to be pretty, or even very significant,
> but only superbly documented. Use it as a forum to
> illustrate old explanations and explore new paths.

A constructive suggestion. SIAI should probably consider this.

But whatever strategies SIAI focuses on or branches out to in the future, I
think it's vital that SIAI retains its status as a public charity. Now is a
critical moment.

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