Re: The Future of Human Evolution

From: Maru (
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 19:45:01 MDT

The feasibility is not the issue here- I was asking why he would prefer to run away from a UFAI at relativistic speeds rather than supraluminal ones. I could not see any inherent disadvantage is higher speeds, that's all.

Robin Lee Powell <> wrote:
On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 03:38:56PM -0700, Maru wrote:
> What is so bad about interstellar FTL travel?

It appears to be impossible. Of course, we know our physics is
wrong (the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, for
example) but there's enough evidence for relativity that it is
unlikely that it is *that* wrong.

Much as I hate to say it.


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