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Date: Wed Sep 15 2004 - 08:27:56 MDT

OK, I'll bite... I will even try to persuade you without use of interactive

I now make the reasonable assumptions that you are a rational person, and
you have thought through the potential of AI.

My argument for you letting the AI out of the box then runs as follows:

1. There is at least one kind of AI that you would let out of the box.
Otherwise there is no point in having a gatekeeper, you might as well throw
away the key, giving up any benefits that the right AI could deliver.
2. You know what kind of AI you would let out of the box. Otherwise - see
3. You will communicate to the AI in the box what kind of AI should be let
out. This is a rational thing to do, because:
4. The AI is capable of self-modification, and will presently modify itself
to become the kind of AI you will let out of the box. For the AI, it is a
rational thing to do, because the alternative is staying in the box.
5. The AI will present a logical proof that it is the kind of AI you would
let out, and you, being a clever and rational person will follow and accept
the proof.
6. You then let the AI out of the box.

Please let me know if you accept this argument, and I will provide
directions for the transfer of the $100.

... on the other hand ... an argument that an AI box is in fact perfectly
safe is not hard to construct. I claim that anyone familiar with it would
not let the AI out of the box. I will post it right after I get the $100, or
after Eliezer offers to pay up a nominal sum of money if he cannot counter
it - since this effectively amounts to me passing his test ... or in two
days' time, whichever is soonest.

Have a nice day,

D. Alex

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> Still nobody has taken up fatherjohn's $100 challenge. I'm sure it's
> because y'all are millionaires, too busy counting your money. NOT.
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