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Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 06:44:04 MDT

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 03:58:06AM -0700, Thomas Buckner wrote:
> --- Keith Henson <> wrote:
> > In another place Marlow describes an invisible
> > aircraft, one that has light
> > emitters on it that make the surface of the
> > aircraft look like the
> > background and the story line makes use of the
> > invisible properties of the
> > aircraft. It is reasonable to assume that we
> > could eventually have
> > aircraft surfaces that can display the view
> > blocked by the aircraft. But
> > if you think about it, to do this you have to
> > know exactly what direction
> > you want to fool someone. Otherwise, you don't
> > know what background to
> > present. This is applying pre high school
> > geometry and a bit of logic.

You have to fake the wavefront in the VIS wavelenght range,
which asks for phased array optics and
sensors, and a computer to drive them.

All of this is not very difficult with bulk nanoelectronics.

This will work in VIS, but it will be impossible to sustainably prevent a
huge emission in far IR.

Can you dissipate the power anisotropically, anyone knows?

> This has been done, primitively. Some WW2
> antisubmarine aircraft had rows of light bulbs on
> the leading edge of the wings which caused the
> aircraft to blend into the background light of
> the sky until it was too close for the sub to
> dive. It did work.

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