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Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 04:58:06 MDT

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> In another place Marlow describes an invisible
> aircraft, one that has light
> emitters on it that make the surface of the
> aircraft look like the
> background and the story line makes use of the
> invisible properties of the
> aircraft. It is reasonable to assume that we
> could eventually have
> aircraft surfaces that can display the view
> blocked by the aircraft. But
> if you think about it, to do this you have to
> know exactly what direction
> you want to fool someone. Otherwise, you don't
> know what background to
> present. This is applying pre high school
> geometry and a bit of logic.
 This has been done, primitively. Some WW2
antisubmarine aircraft had rows of light bulbs on
the leading edge of the wings which caused the
aircraft to blend into the background light of
the sky until it was too close for the sub to
dive. It did work.

Tom Buckner

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