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From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 04:11:26 MDT

> I am quite sure you understand that consistency and
> coherence are not
> sufficient to make such a system actually true.
> Any logical system
> is only as strong as its foundation. This is why I
> harped on putting
> something as questionalbe as "reality is a
> manifesation of
> mathematics" at the foundation. If the foundation
> is shaky then it
> does not matter how strong the interconnections and
> building on top of
> it are. It will still fall down. You don't
> actually require this to
> build your structure. What you require is what
> suggests this notion
> to you and others.

Samantha, reasoning does not have to be hierarchical.
Popper's scientific method which was extended by
Bartley into Pan-Critical Rationalism is much broader
than just axiomatic reasoning.

See Max More's very good article on this for instance:

> BTW, the Universal Turing machine does not in the
> least "suggest that
> all of reality is entirely computational" in the
> sense you are
> reaching for.
> More later if I feel inclined to wade into this.
> - s

Here is what I said:

"But since the entire physical world is described by
mathematical equations, Turing's conception of a
'Universal Turing Machine' (the general purpose
computer) suggests that all of reality is entirely
computational, in the sense that any finite part of
reality can be simulated by a general purpose

Please tell me why I am wrong.

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