Re: Is SL4 is the right place?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 03:05:05 MDT

On Aug 12, 2004, at 7:13 PM, David wrote:

> I am looking for other people who want to discuss problems dealing
> with AI and helping to make the singularity a reality.  I am also
> interested in ways of implementing different aspects of intelligent
> functioning of an AI program.  There seems to be different difficulty
> levels depending on whether we are talking about the questions who,
> what, why, or how.  Problem solving seems to be another area again.  I
> have read "Creating Friendly AI", "Seed AI" and many other documents
> from the SIAI web site.  I am interested in other people's opinion on
> many on the topics covered there but in most cases the arguments seem
> to have been left out and only the conclusions remain.  I am very
> interested in the arguments of many of those AI topics.  I have
> shimmed over many of the posting on the SL4 mailing list but it is
> hard to get to the meat and potatoes because the list is a monolithic
> 9586 entry list.  I sympathize with  Eliezer in that is must be hard
> to get mailings into usable categories.

Speaking for myself, I find your presence, energy and most of all mind
very stimulating. I am very glad you are here. Having said that I
sympathize with the question. I would love to see more here on
actually building strong AI. It is a wonderful interesting list in
any case but sometimes (much of the time) it seems to lack focus.
The wild ideas are fun although I doubt any mailing list can do most of
them real justice. Probably though this is what you would expect of
really bright people reaching for the edge beyond which they cannot go.

I hope you stick around.

- samantha

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