RE: Is SL4 is the right place?

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If you are specifically interested in AGI you may want to post to

I'm sure there are others who want to discuss technical issues - actually
building an AI


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  I am looking for other people who want to discuss problems dealing with AI
and helping to make the singularity a reality. I am also interested in ways
of implementing different aspects of intelligent functioning of an AI
program. There seems to be different difficulty levels depending on whether
we are talking about the questions who, what, why, or how. Problem solving
seems to be another area again. I have read "Creating Friendly AI", "Seed
AI" and many other documents from the SIAI web site. I am interested in
other people's opinion on many on the topics covered there but in most cases
the arguments seem to have been left out and only the conclusions remain. I
am very interested in the arguments of many of those AI topics. I have
shimmed over many of the posting on the SL4 mailing list but it is hard to
get to the meat and potatoes because the list is a monolithic 9586 entry
list. I sympathize with Eliezer in that is must be hard to get mailings
into usable categories.

  I am 49 years old, worked in the micro computer field as a developer and
custom program designer and programmer for 27 1/2 years. I have designed,
programmed and sold over 30,000 copies of a high level pseudo compiler in
the 1980's. The program was written in about 34,000 lines of C and about
500 lines of assember. I have professionally worked for about 100 different
clients and programmed in 10-20 languages.

  I have wanted to build robots and produce an AI for my whole career. 3
Years ago, I started working about 1/2 my time on some robot designs. This
was to give my AI a reach into the real world. 1 year ago I decided that
without a new language, my programming for a robot would go nowhere. Last
December I started writing my new language. I am now almost at the stage
that I can start to build the AI program I have dreamed of for at least the
last 20 years. I currently spend a little more than 1/2 of my time on this

  This is not just talk. I have multi programs running at the same time,
and swapping back and forth on every instruction with an overhead of only
6%. I can import 100,000 customer names and addresses in less than .5
second and index by name in the same amount of time. My interpreted
instruction rate is about 9 million instructions per second.

  I am interested in like minded people and I am not sure whether my
comments (and myself) are welcome or not. Some of what I have seen leads me
to believe that this might be a one man mailing list. I hope it is not.

  I would like to know if others are interested in my participation on this
list. If not I will not waste any more of your time.


  David Clark

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