Re: 'The Libertarian-Transhumanist Philosophical Platform'

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Tue Aug 10 2004 - 01:24:45 MDT

 --- Samantha Atkins <> wrote:
> Anyone can slap together conclusions they desire to
> belief and claim
> they all fit together in a well formed and well
> supported whole. The
> TOE that can be thus written is not the TOE.
> Starting by statement axioms is fine if the axioms
> actually have some
> clearly and foundational meaning. But how the hell
> does some blather
> like "All reality is a manifestation of pure
> mathematics" qualify?
> What do you mean by "pure mathematics" and
> "manifestation" in that
> incredible construct? For a philosophical system
> the starting axioms
> should be irreducible, not general conclusions,
> hypothesis or theories
> themselves.
> OK, this isn't the place for building or discussing
> such. So I'll shutup now.
> -s

The draft you read was just a skeleton outline of what
I want to write-up. I just dumped my conclusions to
start with, and now I'm going back and trying develop
the arguments. Version 2.0 is now up, which is
somewhat of an improvement. But it's a work in
progress at this point ;)

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