SL4 Post TransVision Chat: Wednesday, 11 Aug, 9-11 PM ET

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Sun Aug 01 2004 - 18:46:37 MDT

TransVision 2004 will be held 6-8 August. The proceeding Wednesday (11
August), join us in #sl4 to discuss the conference. We especially
encourage your participation if you attended TransVision. Like our
Post Foresight chat, this is a chance for everyone who didn't go to
find out what happened (and if they want to go in the future) and for
attendees to share their experiences with the community.

For more information about TransVision 2004, visit

To participate through a standard IRC client, connect to "" on a
standard IRC port (for example, 6667) and join channel #sl4:

To participate through Java applet, point your browser at

To clear up any confusion about timezones, go to
to see the current time in Atlanta, GA.

To see the calendar for this and other SL4 events, visit

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