Re: Cognitive Systems Conference, CCortex, and alternative friendliness aproaches

From: Bill Hibbard (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 15:25:40 MDT

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Marcos Guillen wrote:

> The Second Cognitive Systems Workshop, hosted by Sandia National
> Laboratories and the University of New Mexico has just taken place
> (
> . . .

Thanks for the workshop report.

> So, what about re-focusing part of the discussion to such a plan-B,
> compromise scenario? If no authorized voice starts tackling the problem from
> this perspective, we risk the debate may end up being hijacked by
> uninformed demagogues, fringe populist, and the tinfoil-hat brigade, very
> much the same think that happen with the steam cells research, a very
> unpleasant situation for any industry.

I discuss this issue in my book, Super-Intelligent Machines,
and other writings. It seems to me that efforts to control
nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are a healthy
precedent for controlling AI weapons. I agree that the debate
will be polluted by lots of lunatics, so it is important to
educate the public and politicians about the issues.


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