Re: Qualia feel good?

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 07:53:10 MDT

> > >How do you know animals feel pain? The same pain people do? They don't
> > I need two tools to prove your reasoning isn't sound: a gag and a
> > bat :)
> Can we try to cut down on the smirky one line replies that don't
> really address the previous post? I pick on this one here because it's

But I am making a precise statement in that one line.

> Yes, people are animals, very droll. But not exactly contentful. Eugen
> made several other more interesting points in the last email, which
> are dissapointingly ignored.

Do you refer to this? ;)

"Why shouldn't we do the same thing other predators do? Little rodent has
AK-47 and cluster bombs to come back after you and yours, after you
its entire kin in the homogenizer."

> be progressing very much. I'm not the List Sniper, but I think the
> discussion should probably be redefined and continued under new
> auspices, or shelved, for the time being.

I think I have made some progress; I now understand that a lot of the
objections to qualia morality arise because people are used to formulating
every idea in the third person.
This will allow me to better organize my ideas before I present them.

This said answering every single mail is taking away too much time so I
decided to take the objections and make a webpage so I can answer with a PAQ
number like Elizier does. So if I don't answer something on the list be sure
it's somewhere being processed.


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