Re: Qualia feel good?

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 02:41:59 MDT

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 07:31:47 +0200, Eugen Leitl <> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 05:42:53AM +0200, Tomaz Kristan wrote:
> > Don't bother to define qualia, we *know* what it is.
> Why bother with a "theory" that's not even wrong?

As I've said. Inside Newton's physics we have the second law, where
the mass and the force are NOT defined what they are. Acceleration is
defined as the second derivative of (undefined) distance by
(undefined) time.

Fundamentals inside every axiomatic system always remain undefined.
Some other things _are_ defined from those undefined fundamentals,

Perfectly scientific.

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