Re: "feels good" is inherently meaningful

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sat Jul 03 2004 - 23:58:59 MDT

> No, it isn't. Morality is part of ethics. It is about the behavior
> that is proper between sentient beings. That some of this behavior

ok so this is the happy ending where we finally find out you were talking
about russian verb endings and I was talking about green melons.

> "feels good" says we have found some parts of what we consider moral of
> value (and trained ourselves to "feel good when doing it) and/or
> become evolutionarily wired to enjoy them. Saying that what we enjoy
> is per se what is moral puts the cart before the horse. This is why I
> object to your approach.

the distinction is between this 3rd person knowledge and the qualities of
the 1st person experiences it generates. I am not interested in the 3rd
person. It is utterly boring, a configuration of atoms that means absolutely
nothing. Being obsessed with the 3rd person perspective is like having two
big bags full of lego bricks and trying to put them together in all possible
configurations. We maximized information density d00d! Check it out we are
doing ftl travel! And _who_ cares! If nobody is there to see it and
experience the sweet qualia these things would produce in (some) humans. And
if you can feel the lego castle and the lego city and the lego police
department without the actual bricks, then why bother with the bricks at

> behavior between sentients. If this ability to go beyond what feels
> good did not exist then we would be forever at the mercy of our
> evolutionary programming. We would also conclude that such

once more, I am detaching the phenomenon of feeling good in the 1st person,
from everything else that is normally attached to it! I am not saying we
should satisfy evolved wiring, I am saying we should eliminate negative
sensations from the universe. The wiring and the end result are different,
like acceleration and the combustion engine.
I'm saying, there should not be something it's like for you to dislike
something. the rest, I leave it up to the brick-savvy people.


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