Re: Fundamentals - was RE: Visualizing muddled volitions

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 10:15:27 MDT

> Instead (using the principal of no modification to sentients without
> express permission) the system
> can tell me "Hey, you'd be much happier if you had green hair, we've
> done some calculations and if at least
> 20% of the population had green hair then there would be a 15% reduction
> in the general unhappiness quotient...
> Can I make this modification to you or would you like a deeper
> explanation of the intents and consequences?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you weren't anorexic and put on a bit of
weight. Would you like me to make you into a normal person and then get you
a 4 season pizza?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you didn't blow yourself up anyway you are
not going to get 47 perpetual virgins after you die you know, can I
deactivate the explosive now?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you stopped believing in this jesus christ BS
and took some science classes, can I sign you up right now?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if your higher mental functions were inhibited
and you were transformed in a positive qualia pumping process. Just say the



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