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From: Brent Thomas (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 11:07:42 MDT does require the sentient to make some decisions...and informed
ones at that...
But then doesn't everything? And at least its MY decision and the
potential effects of that decision
can be explained re: consequences and intents to whatever level I need
to be comfortable accepting or rejecting the
decision. That is indeed how it should be wouldn't you agree?

In all the cases you just listed I would want to be asked to make the
decision not have it made for me...
and that's really the point isn't it?

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> Instead (using the principal of no modification to sentients without
> express permission) the system can tell me "Hey, you'd be much happier

> if you had green hair, we've done some calculations and if at least
> 20% of the population had green hair then there would be a 15%
> in the general unhappiness quotient...
> Can I make this modification to you or would you like a deeper
> explanation of the intents and consequences?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you weren't anorexic and put on a bit of
weight. Would you like me to make you into a normal person and then get
you a 4 season pizza?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you didn't blow yourself up anyway you
are not going to get 47 perpetual virgins after you die you know, can I
deactivate the explosive now?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if you stopped believing in this jesus
christ BS and took some science classes, can I sign you up right now?"

"Hey, you'd be much happier if your higher mental functions were
inhibited and you were transformed in a positive qualia pumping process.
Just say the word"



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