Re: Collective Volition: Wanting vs Doing.

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 17:37:04 MDT

> There is a tendancy for "what works" to proliferate over time.
> Therefore shared values and accompanying moral judgments tend to
> proliferate over time. (Broadening over time)

Your analogy only very loosely applies. There is a tendency for new methods
to proliferate over time, some will work, some won't. Therefore values
remain fragmented. There is also a tendency for new groups to be created
over time.

> There is a tendency toward increasing complexity and greater
> intelligence (problem solving ability) in the universe. This is a
> tendency toward increasingly discovering what works, and what works in
> one place is likely to work in another place. As above, this tends

Complexity creates variation and with variation you have a range of personal
and group conditions which create many different "sets" of things that work
and that don't work. What works in a place for someone won't work in another
place for someone else. What works for a terrorist is to hop on a plane and
fly into a building, this won't work for high school students... This
division didn't exist before the invention of airplanes so that is one
example in which the advance of intelligence created two different
conditions where there used to be only one.

Anyway the point with morality is that we decide what's right, not what
works. What works is to be a selfish and deceptive bastard! Always worked,
like clockwork :)


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