Re: META: Posting resumes tomorrow

From: Giu1i0 Pri5c0 (
Date: Sat Jun 12 2004 - 05:16:11 MDT

I do not entirely agree with you on this point, as I believe that with
some effort people can talk constructively about the real problems
while avoiding unnecessary rudeness.

Stop this crap you stupid jerk. People smarter than you can discuss
the real problems without calling others asshole like you did to me
the other day, and I am still waiting for an apology or else.

See the difference? The point being made is exactly the same, but I am
sure the second text would elicit a (deserved) even ruder reply. Then
we start trading insults and completely forget the real issues.

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 00:31:20 -0700, Samantha Atkins
<> wrote:
> Some disturbing ideas and trends and real problems with current FAI
> proposals were aired. People got a bit upset in the process. Now
> after "cooling down" we are mainly concerned with being "polite" but
> are in danger of losing track of the real problems and disagreements
> that gave much of the energy to the row. This may "feel better" and
> I'm all for that. But not at the cost of sweeping under the rug real
> problems and concerns.
> -s

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