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Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 20:43:51 MDT

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> Allbright
> Vernor Vinge offered another idea, but I can't think of the title right
> now, where people could enter a stasis bubble and then "time-travel" by
> waiting a set period and then exit into a future time at which the odds
> of having any neighbors might be very small.
> - Jef

The Vinge book you are thinking of is actually two novels ("The Peace War"
and "Marooned in Realtime") that were eventually published in a single
volume as "Across Realtime."

The impenetrable stasis spheres were called "bobbles." Inside them time
stood still, so they could be used for one-way time travel into the future.

In the latter part of the book (the second novel), a group of people has,
for different reasons, arrived in Earth's future only to find it
uninhabited. Where did everybody go? Apparently, some kind of radical event
had changed everything. It seems that there had been a Singularity....

Mike LaTorra

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