Re: Volitional Morality and Action Judgement

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 11:44:02 MDT

--- Eliezer Yudkowsky <> wrote:

> In 2003 I tried to be Belldandy, sweetness and
> light. It didn't work...
> Striving toward total rationality and total
> altruism comes easily to me.
> Sweetness and light doesn't; I tried and failed.
> And ya know
> what? I'm arrogant. I'll try not to be an arrogant
> bastard, but I'm
> definitely arrogant... I will try
> not to be such an ass as
> Newton, try hard not to actually *hurt* anyone, but
> let's face it, I am not
> one of the modest geniuses. The best I can do is
> recognize this and move on...
> Isn't it enough that we save
> the world? Do we have to
> be frickin' *modest* about it? Now that just seems
> unreasonable. How are
> we supposed to stay sane?

So, are you saying that you are not sane?

You seem to be admitting that you are both rational
AND irrational. Emotional outbursts, arrogance,
self-descriptors of "MAD scientists" all indicate some
kind of irrationality and insanity, while you
simultaneously say rationality comes easy to you.

Could you please explain the discrepancy?


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