Re: FAI: Collective Volition

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 14:10:24 MDT

posted on wiki too

1. Do you see "elimation of negative qualia in a way that does not directly
conflict with personal freedom" as a possible attractor for collective
volition? Do you see it as a probable attractor? If not why (specifically)?

2. How well does the AI need to predict the future in order for all of this
to work?

3. Won't the amount of machine intelligence required to wipe out humanity
arrive much earlier than the amount of intelligence required to accurately
simulate entire countries filled with people and other smaller AIs? What is
your plan for this interval of time?

4. FAI initially not programmed to count animals inside its definition of
collective. However we would like to be people who value all forms of life
and if we knew better we'd know that they are sentient to a certain extent
THEREFORE should the FAI give a replicator to each household and forbid
killing of animals, even if we were opposed to it? (I think so, but just to
check with you)


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