Re: Quantum physics & the mystery thereof

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 21:19:56 MDT

 --- Ben Goertzel <> wrote: >

> Well I'm quite familiar with MWI and do not consider
> it to dispel the
> mystery completely.

I have to agree with you Ben. Being somewhat familiar
with physics I know for a fact that MWI does not
succeed in dispelling the mystery.

> Eliezer, you're a probabilist. Do you really find
> it so natural that
> quantum events don't obey normal laws of probability
> theory?
> Either Boolean logic breaks at the quantum level,
> yielding quantum
> logic.
Nope. Boolean logic is fundamental to the structure
of the reality I guess. It never breaks down. See my
last posts. My theory is that Qualia are built out of
Boolean logic 'loops', and Boolean logic is
omnipresent, the ideal candidate for an irreducibe
'Qualia' ground state (panpsychism).

> Or else you allow Boolean logic at the quantum
> level, and then
> Kolmogorov axioms break, yielding Youssef's quantum
> probability theory
> (in which probabilities are complex numbers rather
> than real numbers).

Precisely so! Boolean logic holds, Kolmogorov's
axioms break.

> Either way, I think it's mysterious that microverse
> follows this
> different formal system of logic/probability. I
> don't fully understand
> it. And I don't think the MWI explains it so
> thoroughly.


> You could have multiple branching universes without
> non-Boolean logic
> and non-Kolmogorovian probability theory. Why does
> the universe display
> this logical/probabilistic weirdness at the micro
> level?
> Presumably because universes with this low-level
> logical/probabilistic
> weirdness at the microlevel are better at giving
> rise to complex
> reflexive structures like us at the macro level
> (i.e. the anthropic
> principle?).
> But then why is this the case?
> This is a deep mathematical question about the
> self-organization of
> universes with different logical/probabilistic laws.

Why is it that we are only aware of single branches?
Why aren't we simultaneously conscious of multiple
branches? So there's the unexplained fact that
conscious observers aren't aware of objects in 'mixed'
(supposition of states) form.

> It is the real mystery of quantum theory, and one
> that MWI certainly
> does NOT explain.
> -- Ben G

Boolean logic. Qualia. Indeed. (Marc nods sagely
and grins, knowing that he's got Eliezer, Ben and all
the rest by the balls). I shall say no more...

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