RE: American Humanists Association 2004 conference report - complete!

Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 12:23:17 MDT

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Pablo Stafforini wrote:

> > Both prostitutes and their clients are engaging in
> > volitional consensual actions. Surely we should be
> > aiming to set up harems all over the place, since sex
> > is obviously what they and according to Eli: 'People
> > should get what they want'?
> It doesn't follow at all from Eliezer's maxim (which I share) that we
> "should be aiming to set up harems all over the place". An unattractive,
> compulsive, and smelling 55 year-old is clearly *not* what prostitutes
> want. A better description of the situation is to say that they are
> *forced by the circumstances* they find themselves in to sell their body
> in the marketplace so that they can earn a living.

Who isn't? I've had to sell my mind in ways that where much more troubling
than selling my body would have been.

> What we volitionists
> should be aiming at is to set a framework where no woman finds herself
> in such a desperate situation. If prostitution still emerges *then*, I'm
> all for it.

I'd like to see this for everyone.

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