Re: American Humanists Association 2004 conference report - complete!

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 00:20:18 MDT

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> "Las Vegas is not a city of "sin". The concept of
> "sin" is religious.
> But it is a city that contains and encourages a
> great deal of
> self-destructive and morally negative choices. This
> cannot be denied.
> The city contains many pawn shops, merchants who
> will purchase your
> gold, jewelry, and other valuables in exchange for
> cash. Where does the
> cash go? To fuel gambling, drinking, and whore
> binges, no doubt.
> Sorry, but I can't call that morally right.
> And what about the many "escorts" for sale at any
> time of night or day
> in any part of the city? Girls who accept money for
> sex with anyone,
> not because they like the job, but because they're
> desperate for the money?
> Las Vegas is a city that exploits human weaknesses
> for the maximum
> possible profit. It's hard for me to appreciate the
> beautiful
> architecture of many of these fancy casinos when I
> consider what is
> paying for their construction.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The above shouldn't be considered "self-righteous";
> to the contrary, it
> should be considered self-evident. Anyway...

I'm not sure I follow.

People who gamble made an act of volition. Surely we
should offer them more gambling opportunities, since
gambling is obviously what they want, and according to
Eli: 'People should get what they want'?

Both prostitutes and their clients are engaging in
volitional consensual actions. Surely we should be
aiming to set up harems all over the place, since sex
is obviously what they and according to Eli: 'People
should get what they want'?

Actually, if we believe volitional morality we should
all become drug dealers, because there's a huge demand
for hard drugs, a serious lack of supply, and
according to Eli: 'People should get what they want'?

Forgive my sarcasm. As you can see, I still have very
serious doubts about volitional morality.

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