Riemann A.I Institute up and running

From: Marc Geddes (marc_geddes@yahoo.co.nz)
Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 23:51:29 MDT

A skeleton web-site is up and running. You may like
to check it out.

My project aims to help research and public education
about artificial intelligence and mathematics.

A stategy towards AGI has been developed. The stategy
is to focus on mathematics as a testing ground, and
also because theorem provers might help accelerate

I have a possible approach to the greatest unsolved
problem in mathematics: The Riemann Hypothesis. I'm
not silly enough to say I have a proof. I'm just
saying I have an idea which MIGHT be the bare bones
outline of a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.

P.S In cracking the Riemann hypothesis, I promise to
try to avoid turning the whole solar system into goo

It's game on! Here's the site:



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