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Just read the article in full at the library a.k.a. Borders :) Very good
read about how humans measure the results of their choices...

There is also another excellent article about the glia in the brain. It
seems that glia have a much more substantial role in learning and memory
than previously thought. This may cause those who were neuron-centered to
recalculate the computational capacity of the brain with strong
consideration to glia which outnumber neurons 9 to 1..


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> This article is in the Apr 2004 issue of SciAm, but unfortunately, it's
> not freely available online. Here is a preview:
> D9FB-1055-973683414B7F0000
> The Tyranny of Choice, by Barry Schwartz
> Logic suggests that having options allows people to select precisely
> what makes them happiest. But, as studies show, abundant choice often
> makes for misery
> - Emil

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