Re: Singularity Exo-Paleontology

From: Elias Sinderson (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 16:21:59 MST

Tomaz Kristan wrote:

>[...] a strong intelligence with some good
>instruments, very far from here, might detect the
>approaching sister Singularity. Pretty much certain
>what to expect and how to deal with her.
>We may turn the table and do the same. Listening
>everything coming from any direction, starting
>immediately after the Singularity. [...]
Unfortunately, the vast distances involved make it highly unlikely that
two intelligent beings in different star systems will ever be able to
exchange data / information or carry on a conversation in a meaningful
way. One round trip exchange between two such intelligences would
require millions of years unless either a) faster than light travel or
b) faster than light communications are developed. Hence, it would be
most prudent to operate under the assumption that there will be no
intergalactic guidance couselor to help a fledgling Singularity find
it's way in the universe.


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