Re: Singularity Institute volunteer meeting this Sunday @ 7 PM EST

From: Yan King Yin (
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 11:00:39 MST

From: Paul Hughes <>

>> 6. Get rid of all the anthropomorphicisms,
>> misinterpretations, and cluelessness surrounding AI
>> today
>That's a good idea, but you're going to need some
>anthropomorphisms as part of guiding people from their
>current conceptions of SAI to more accurate ones. You
>can't douse someone with cold water. although you'll
>wake them up, they will be so angry, they are unlikely
>to listen to you after that. I'm speaking here from
>personal experience in many people's impression of
>Eli's writings.

I think we should stop using language such as 'waking
people up' to the Singularity. Eliezer, or anyone else
here, has not figured out how to create FAI. I have no
problem with FAI per se, but I find it unacceptable
that many on this list:

1. Claim that FAI is feasible without qualifications
and without detailing how it could be done;
2. Steadfastly avoid any political discussions that
are obviously relevant to establishing a scientific
theory of (general) morality.

Be honest. There is no evidence that lying to people
makes it better for them. Can you cite some examples?


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