Re: Singularity Institute volunteer meeting this Sunday @ 7 PM EST

From: Tommy McCabe (
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 08:12:09 MST

My personal list of stuff:

1. Make SIAI's website more shocking and user-friendly
to encourage visitors

2. Get more stuff about the Singularity posted up all
over the Internet

3. Start a recruiting effort for potential AI
programmers, since our current strategy of waiting for
them to come to us obviously isn't working

4. Promote the Singularity to the general public
actively and directly, since the media's probably
going to screw it up

5. Stop the Singularity movement (if you can call it
that) from turning into a bunch of parlor pinks
sipping tea and planning the Revolution without
actually doing anything (quote from Eli). As if we
haven't turned into that already...

6. Get rid of all the anthropomorphicisms,
misinterpretations, and cluelessness surrounding AI

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can help out with
all this, feel free to email me.

--- Tyler Emerson <> wrote:
> The Singularity Institute's weekly volunteer meeting
> is this Sunday at 7 PM
> EST (GMT-5). The IRC server is, port 6667;
> chat room #siaiv.
> This meeting will be on ways to focus marketing and
> donor raising efforts
> and on ideas for an "Action" section at SIAI's site.
> To participate through Java applet, go to:
> (use #siaiv for the "Room to
> Enter" field)
> To clear any confusion about timezones, go to:
> --
> Tyler Emerson
> Executive Director, Singularity Institute for
> Artificial Intelligence
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