Special Guest Chat with Ben Goertzel: Wednesday, 31 March, 9 PM ET

From: Gordon Worley (redbird@mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 12:38:22 MST

There will be a special guest chat with Ben Goertzel on Wednesday, 31
March, 2004 at 9 PM ET.

Come chat with Ben Goertzel, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientist of Biomind
LLC, about his work on Novamente AI and research in the field of AGI.
You can learn more about him on the Web:


To participate through a standard IRC client, connect to "sl4.org" on a
standard IRC port (for example, 6667) and join channel #sl4:

To participate through Java applet, point your browser at:

To clear up any confusion about timezones, go to
to see the current time in Atlanta, GA.

In order to allow everyone a chance to talk with Ben, Eliezer has 
agreed to a temporary gag order for the first hour or so of the chat.  
We see a lot of Ben vs. Eli on the mailing list and we'd like to see 
different programming on the channel for at least part of the time.  At 
the same time, Ben and Eli have some interesting discussions, so it is 
just temporary.  The goal is to improve the quality of the chat, not 
restrict it.
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