Executive Director Planning

From: Tyler Emerson (trans_humanism@msn.com)
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 12:28:09 MST

A summary of my immediate plans for the Singularity Institute (SI):

 * Develop main points for discussion of SI's mission, goals and activism.
 * Increase understanding of SI's mission; increase credibility and trust.
 * Stay in regular contact with volunteers; increase activity and
   organization; continually increase volunteer support.
 * Improve SI's site (much is planned - wait and see).
 * Increase SI's site traffic but don't compromise credibility or trust.
 * Find and cultivate potential candidates for the Institute's AI team.
 * Help establish "Friends of SI" site section, benefits and directory.
 * Donor raise by receiving support from current and new SI donors.
 * Develop and improve SI's databases e.g. contacts and donor records.
 * Seek additional designers for design of SI material.
 * Help designers maintain consistent look for SI material; find donors
   for large quantity printing of SI material (100+ copies).
 * Create free mailing list for news of SI and the singularity only.
 * Develop personal network (weak, moderate and strong ties).

SI realizes the potential for our community's growth in 2004. The pursuit
of considerate advocacy gives considerable meaning to each of our days.
I ask sincerely that you do now what's needed to become involved.

Feel encouraged to reach me so that we may discuss what can be done. I'd
like to know everyone who seeks involvement. We have immediate tasks that
would take years of work for one person, but collaboration works miracles.

Tyler Emerson                                http://www.intelligence.org/
Executive Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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