SL4 Chat: Wednesday, 3 March, 9-11 PM ET

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 16:53:51 MST

SL4's monthly Q&A chat for March will be Wednesday, 3 March, from 9 to
11 PM Eastern Time.

This month we are trying a new format. Rather than have everyone show
up and not know what to talk about, the purpose of this chat is to
allow people to ask questions and hopefully get answers. The Q&A
sessions will allow people who are frustrated by lack of responsiveness
when they log on at random times to get the answers and discussion they
seek. Also, it will give everyone an opportunity to quicken their
thinking on SL4 ideas.

The chat now has a time limit. This doesn't mean everyone must shut up
at 11 PM, merely that the Q&A session is scheduled to last two hours.
After two hours it returns to our regular chat style, although you are
free to keep up the discussion so long as people actively participate.
Just be aware that after 2 hours your questions will cease to have
higher than average chances of being answered.

I look forward to seeing many of you, especially new faces who come
with questions.

To participate through a standard IRC client, connect to "" on a
standard IRC port (for example, 6667) and join channel #sl4:

To participate through Java applet, point your browser at:

To clear up any confusion about timezones, go to
to see the current time in Atlanta, GA.

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