Re: The Fundamental Theorem of Morality

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 23:17:50 MST

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> Maybe we use the word differently, but morality to
> me is all about what
> happens to others, regardless of what happens to
> you, it's about averaging
> out suffering rather than sticking it to the least
> powerful. So I don't
> believe such thing as a personal morality can ever
> exist.
> Morality is universal, or it's not morality, just a
> goal system.

Metaqualia, I DEFINED 'a morality' to simply mean 'a
goal system'. So I was using a very general

By my definition, there can be both a Universal
Morality and a Personal Morality. I agree with what
you say about a Universal Morality.

> I further cannot agree 100% that any rational being
> will come to the same
> definition of morality.
> An AI follows a goal system. if its goal system and
> architecture do not
> allow it to create additional supergoals it will
> keep doing what it was told
> to, getting smarter and smarter (gathering more
> information) but never
> trying to do anything else than it was originally
> created to do.

I defined a morality to simply mean 'a goal system'.
Then I said: 'Any sentient being capable of reasoning
about morality will come to the same definition of
Universal Morality'.

An AI with a goal system and architecture which did
not allow additional goals, is not, by definition, an
AI capable of reasoning about morality.

> Now, I can support your statement with one and only
> one chain of reasoning
> - any sufficiently intelligent being necessarily has
> a model of self complex
> enough to produce both qualia and the notion of
> having qualia
> - such sentient would deduce value of other
> sentients' qualia since a
> universe with only one qualia stream instanced in
> one brain is less likely
> than a universe with a qualia stream per brain
> - sentient would therefore come to see negative
> qualia as ultimate evil
> through personal experience of such phenomena
> but I think a bunch of people won't agree with this,
> so how do you support
> your statement?
> mq

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