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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 11:01:37 MST

Of all the opposition to cryonics in the world today, that which is due to
the economics of the embalming and funeral-parlor industry is really a
vanishingly small percentage. The opposition is primarily based on
religious and philosophical concerns.

Thus, my statement may have been a mild overstatement, but was true in

Similarly, I think, it is likely for people to react against
techno-Transcendence for purely religious and philosophical reasons, quite
apart from any economic concerns.

Why are we not allowed to cryonically preserve our *living bodies* today?
Because the law considers it suicide.

Similarly, if I want to upload my living brain into a computer so as to
achieve what I may (depending on the details of course) consider a superior
existence, I won't be allowed to by current (religiously motivated) laws; it
will be considered as suicide which is illegal.

As for the populace's reaction to a benevolent AI, I imagine it will depend
a great deal upon the context at the time.

-- Ben G

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> >No one is done any harm if I voluntarily have my corpse frozen
> -- yet there
> >are a lot of people dead set on taking away my legal right to do so.
> The embalmers and funeral parlors who would otherwise have a better
> chance of getting paid to dispose of your corpse aren't harmed by
> the competition? If you have trouble seeing such a transparent motivation
> for special interest politics, you won't be able to anticipate the
> reaction to a benevolent AI.
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