RE: What of a Singularity fizzling out?

From: Joseph Bloch (
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 12:14:06 MST

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> Rogers
> If the speed of light continues to be the limit of information
> propagation,
> even for an SI, one can make a reasonable argument that there is a
> size bound beyond which there is no practical utility to further
> expansion,
> or even "seeding the universe". I would expect the bound to be quite
> small,
> on the order of a star system or smaller. Under such conditions,
> cohabitation of multiple independent SIs in the universe is possible.
> That said, there would be a lot of value in accreting as much matter
> possible within that finite volume. in a black hole, perhaps. Under the circumstances you posit, it
may well be that Sis would seek out supermassive black holes as being
the most efficient places to be, in terms of matter per given volume.


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