RE: What of a Singularity fizzling out?

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 07:06:09 MST

The main part of the Cosmology's subject -- the
evolution of the Universe -- will be under our

As much as the Physics permits, we (sentients) are
bound to shape and reshape (the future of) this

Saying something like: "Betelgeuse will explode as
supernova in the next 3000 years!" may be proved wrong
by us. We may find the reason to dismantle that star,
long before something like supernova will happen their.

I don't know for a cosmologist, who is prepare to
include intelligent (post) life into his equations, but
they will be forced to do so.

A near light speed growing, the postSingularity bubble
of influence will be something more important, than
supermassive black hole or a quasar.

A Cosmology, unaware of the Singularity, shouldn't be
credible anymore.

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