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Subject: Fw: What exactly is "panpsychism"?
Mark states:
"I'm trying to rule out the infinite multiple worlds view. My arguments DO
rely on the premise that there is scarcity and that in many cases, the fact
that something exists means that it exists instead of something else. Or,
in simpler words, I am aware that the infinite multiple worlds view implies
infinite diversity and therefore renders any discussion of morality
evaluation by diversity somewhat nonsensical. Note, however, that I also
see this failure in other morality models (for example, those which have
been handled incorrectly in previous SL4 discussions by altering the
probabilities of infinite hells when arguments about post hoc probability
alteration are also provably moot when everything exists)."

Actually, the infinite worlds theory is a consequence of Quantum mechanics due to the whole Schrödinger's cat scenario. Basically, the many worlds theory fulfills the probabilistic occurrences. In other words, concerning Schrödinger's cat, since there was a 50% probability of the lethal substance to decay which would cause the cat to die, with the many worlds theory, it states that anything probable will occur; so if the cat is still alive in our *realm* or world, so to speak, then in some other parallel or replicate universe, another me will find the cat dead. I wonder...does that mean that in another realm, I'm a rock star? hmm.

Personally, I think the many worlds theory is utterly ridiculous. I'm not sure we'll ever bring back determinism in science with chaos theory/non linear dynamics on the rise, but infinite universes? Then again, what if?


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