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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 03:39:08 MST

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:13:14 +0900
"Metaqualia" <> wrote:

> I hope it will be clear if you read my message and your answer once again
> that that is not the case. I am proposing an objective morality to transcend
> even the personal interest of humanity itself, while you are choosing to
> stick to your evolved egocentric needs. Which is not a bad thing or an
> insult, it's just what you have to do. But you can't quite accuse me of
> everything centering around how I feel, that is illogical and backwards.

Actually you are not proposing an "objective morality". Your notion of qualia hardly qualifies. What you do seem to be doing is throwing open the possibility that morality as arrived at by a vastly more intelligent/capable being may includ our own demise as a morally acceptable outcome. Accept in very rare circumstances I find such an eventuality unlikely in the extreme. I also find it irresponsible if we ourselves build such a superintelligence without doing all we can to insure that our success does not result in our own demise and that of all humans. I do not think it proof of superior objectivity or thinking to blithely consider this.

> Again, let's keep this non-personal and about the ideas, please. Attack my
> ideas, not me. I just happen to experience the qualia of the brain that is
> deterministically producing them.

Your ideas and your presentation of them are certainly fair game.
> > Wait! You have previously claimed there is no absolute morality. Thus
> there is no
> [...]
> >yes? Your position appears to be more and more incoherent.
> Are you reading what I write? This is all about me proposing that there is
> an absolute, objective morality.

What, pray tell, is that? Please do not trot out maximization of positive qualia again. It will not do.
> > If you aren't going to stand up for what you like and present as
> authoritative on a
> >question then why bother to pretend to be answering?
> Standing up for something requires effort, I am willing to put that in after
> you have read the essay.

I have read what you have presented here and have given my responses. If you do not consider them worth your effort to respond to then I will not waste my time.

- samantha

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