RE: What exactly is "panpsychism"?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 15:33:31 MST

All qualia are individual, yet all qualia are one ;-)

-- ben g

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> > Yes! this is pretty much exactly what I meant when i called myself a
> > "panpsychist".
> I have a question for "orthodox panpsychists":
> 1. What determines what kind of particle collections can be used
> to create a
> "qualia producing apparatus"? You talk about the qualia of a rock, but the
> existence of the rock as a separate object from everything else is only an
> illusion created by our icon-driven visual/cognitive system. What about a
> rock + the tree next to it, plus half of the electrons in one
> arbitrary atom
> on venus and the top half brain of the furry pink crab on the
> other side of
> the galaxy? Can this system create a qualia stream? If a rock
> can, then this
> system and any other one cares to imagine can also, and we go back to
> moravec's "all universes exist"
> 2. Why do I experience the qualia stream arising from this
> particular brain
> and not that arising from Ben's brain? (of course the question is circular
> since I is the qualia stream itself, still from a first person
> perspective,
> which is the only kind of perspective that really exists, there is
> asymmetry).
> The reason I ask these questions is that panpsychism would look
> like a good
> tool to put the qualia beast in the cage: as long as everything
> feels, then
> it's ok for us to feel. But when you consider these 2 points everything
> resumes not making too much sense.
> mq

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