Re: An essay I just wrote on the Singularity.

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 13:41:24 MST

> qualia in another sentient being is from the outside, or for that matter
> even from the inside? I'd generally say a creatures tendency to actively

I wish I knew!

> resist something, I honestly can't tell you if tickling is a positive or
> negative qualia. If I'm being tickled seriously I struggle to get away,
> then once I'm away I go back for more :)

To me it is negative. I don't enjoy tickling and don't go back for more.
Of course it's possible that one stimulus triggers both positive and
negative qualia (eating with guilt, SM, lots more), this just tells you the
predicament we're in, being evolved mammals. These should be decoupled and
the negative qualia destroyed.

> People climb Mt. Everest experiencing levels of suffering far greater
> than a good tickling (toes falling off and stuff). Yet they go and seek
> out that experience. Depending on the time scale, your toe freezing off
> on Mt Everest is either negative or positive qualia :)

People are programmed to make sacrifices to gain social recognition. They do
this for their genes, but they are the ones to pay the price. Your toe
falling off is not negative or positive, the sensation of it falling off,
the sadness when you look in the mirror and you know you are deformed, these
are negative qualia. Of course, being at the top, feeling proud, signing
autographs, these involve positive qualia, once again these should be
decoupled and the negative qualia destroyed.

> Maybe the universe is already orgasmium if looked at from the right
> perspective?

I really doubt it :)
And you don't have that kind of control over your cognitive architecture.


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