Re: New Financing Idea

From: Yan King Yin (
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 15:16:39 MDT

>First, pulling alot of intellectual property under one umbrella
>would be an legal and valuation nightmare. Second, if the intellectual
>property is compelling there are already methods to raise capital
>by securitizing future income streams (e.g., David Bowie's "Bowie
>Bonds".) Unfortunately, I believe that it would be extremely
>difficult to raise financing in this manner for "uploading" IP since
>I suspect it would be very difficult for rating agencies to get
>comfortable that the investment grade would be anything higher than
>junk status.

The securitized income stream method sounds like exactly what
I was looking for =) I'll take a closer look at it. Also you have to
realize that uploading is qualitatively different from David Bowie.
So if I multiply something almost infinitely desirable with the
probability of junk (close to 0), the expectation value can be
*anything*. Basically it means more detailed analysis is required,
that's why I'm trying to explore this approach.

>The best bet for financing is to identify a current, real world
>application (or better yet, a military application) for your
>technology (e.g., the use of synthetic diamonds to overthrow the
>DeBeers monopoly and raise capital to fund diamond-based
>computer chip technology). Raise capital through exploitation
>of this niche and then use that capital to fund the real stuff
>you are after.

I'm not sure about other technologies, but for uploading, the
gap between the current status and the first brain replacement
(probably for the hippocampus) is very large, whereas from
there the next step to whole-brain replacement is relatively
much smaller.

Secondly, the market for hippocampal replacement will not be
very large, whereas whole-brain replacement is of course highly

All in all, it's a bootstrapping problem. It's very hard to identify
an intermediate product that is both profitable and substantially
easier that the real thing. This problem is probably unique to
uploading... =(


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