New Financing Idea

From: Yan King Yin (
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 18:26:40 MDT

I'm proposing a strategy to raise capital by issuing
'tokens' of a company's future revenue. I think it's
applicable to a range of futurist technologies like AGI
and uploading etc.

>From my website:

Business Strategy

Perhaps the single most important obstacle to achieving uploading
is financing. Most people will agree that it will take at least a few
decades to achieve. Currently a patent can only last for 20 years.
A lot of scientists are now doing research directly relevant to
uploading, but it is very unlikely they will be financially rewarded
for their contributions. How to remedy this problem?

We know that uploading technologies will generate huge amounts
of revenue in the future. On the other hand many of us are not
actively involved in uploading research due to lack of opportunities
and funding. What we need is a strategy to 'borrow' from that
future revenue.

In order to borrow, we need to guarantee that substantial amounts
of future revenue can be collected. Therefore we need to create
a centralized organization (eg a research consortium) for interested
parties in uploading technologies. This organization will gradually
accumulate intellectual property, industrial know-how, and competitive
advantage and thus create barriers to entry.

Secondly, we need a way to raise capital more effectively. Currently
what companies do is create intellectual property such as patents
and then issue stocks which represent the company's assets (equity
funding). My proposal is to issue tokens of a company's future
revenue for trading. The advantages of tokens over equity are: 1)
evaluation of intellectual property will be distributed to token-holders
rather than relegated to accountants (who must be objective and
conservative); 2) future revenue does not have a 20-year 'look-ahead'
limit as with patents.

Any comments/suggestions...?

Thanks =)

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