Re: Pattern representation and Solomonoff

From: Christian Szegedy (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 05:07:53 MDT

I read your mails, but I am still unsure what you meant.

Perhaps, you could answer some very simple questions,
so that I can understand what you worked on.

1) What is the input of your program?
2) What is the output of your program?
3) Is there some objective function, that measures the
     quality of the solution?
4) Is the objective function computable?
5) Is there a provable guarantee on the quality of
     your solution?
6) What is the runtime estimate of your alogorithm?

Now, here comes what I thought to understand (but
maybe I am completely wrong. Please correct me in
this case!)

It seems that your algorithm tries to find the kolmogorov
complexity of sequences, and efficient algorithmic
representations of them.
If this is the case, I would be interested what your
algorithm yields, if you put in the numbers of pi or e or
some other interesting mathematical constants.

Regards, Christian

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