RE: Pattern representation and Solomonoff

From: James Rogers (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 13:24:36 MDT

> In any case, it is very late and my brain is numb. I may
> have screwed up the OH() function for #3, but I can't think
> well enough right now to ascertain whether or not it is
> correct. It looks like a footnote in this email, but it is
> quite important and a small book in itself.

As a point of fact, I did screw it up. The subscript on the log is variable and
related to the parameter to the OH() function, which is a fair bit different
than what I wrote. The correct OH() space complexity function for #3 exposes an
additional parameter that is reduced/eliminated when applied to #2, but the
meaning of the additional parameter would take extensive explanation. As
incorrectly written, it still gives an idea of the relative space complexity.

And that's what I get for sending email at 2am when already running short on

-James Rogers

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