Re: One road or many to AI? (was: brainstorm)

From: Yan King Yin (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 16:14:20 MDT

Hi Eliezer, Nick etc =)

I talked to NickH earlier on IRC, we agreed on many things,
and I think 1 of the important questions for FAI is the political
implications of Friendliness. I guess you're also aware of this

My prediction is that you won't be able to solve it at an
abstract level (ie top-down)... politics is simply too complex,
involving cultural, racial, nationalistic, historical, economical,
and individualistic factors. Cursed by dimensionality! I think
the appropriate strategy is to explore the current situation
in an incremental way, making decisions that can be changed
easily, and in so doing try to approach the optimal solution.

Cheers =)

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