Accelerating Change Conference, Reg Discount to SL4 Subscribers

From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 01:10:20 MDT

Special early bird extension: Save $100 (25%) on conference admission
until August 4th, for Accelerating Change Conference 2003, Stanford
University, September 12-14.

PLUS: SL4 subscribers will receive an additional 5% discount by using the
special discount code "ACC2003-SL4" (no quotations).

Registration is available at

The Accelerating Change Conference will be a forum to explore the paradise
of resources, as well as the risks and responsibilities, represented by
cascading breakthroughs in computational technologies.

Accelerating change is a fact; what to do?

Ray Kurzweil, K. Eric Drexler, Steve Jurvetson, Tim O'Reilly, William H.
Calvin, Howard Bloom, Robert Wright, and 17 other world-class minds will
present to 300 attendees, focusing on the profound risks and opportunities
of business and society's accelerating pace of change.

For more information, please see

The event is produced by the Institute for Accelerating Change (IAC).

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