Re: Theodore Sturgeon/More than human

From: Nick Hay (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 01:21:45 MDT

Philip Sutton wrote:
> He recommended an ethic of "reverence for your [evolutionary] sources
> and your posterity" (ie. ones antecedents and decendents).

How about a general ethic of being nice to sentients and helping them in the
ways they want to be helped? All within the context of a Friendly system, to
ensure human metamorality (that which we use to reason about morality) is
transfered along with the interim approximation to morality (eg. the various
ethical heuristics we're discussing), to make the AI more resistant to human
error, etc. Conveying the underlying spirit of human morality, so to speak,
to allow the SI to develop and expand it's morality the same ways an
altrusitic human upload would.

- Nick

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