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Methinks thou protest too much.

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Yes and...

singularitarianism is that it's mostly a discussion
topic for elites and intellectuals of various stripes
singularitarianism is a religion
singularitarianism is generally seen as
singularitarianism is steadily gaining
singularitarianism is hardly so widespread that the
term has become set in stone
singularitarianism is a one of the first and main non
singularitarianism is a modern version of the
salvation/apocalypse dilemma

Googlism doesnt have a great deal to say about us and
the second result is particularly perturbing.

I recommend that everyone on this list write a webpage
including the line "singularitarianism is ..." or " a
singularitarian is ..." with something positive to
replace the dots ;-)

Simon G.

 --- Durant Schoon <> wrote: >
> Googlism for: singularitarian
> singularitarian is someone who believes that
> technologically creating a greater
> singularitarian is great
> singularitarian is a singularity activist
> singularitarian is a person who advocates and works
> to produce the singularity
> singularitarian is an activist
> singularitarian is an alimentary canal with a loud
> voice at one end
> singularitarian is wrong
> singularitarian is accepting this; that there is
> nothing more special about our current lives
> compared to life after the singularity

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