Re: website redesign preview

From: Tyrone Pow (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 15:32:21 MDT

Re: SingInst Logo:

I had made an effort to design for SingInst a 'marketable' corporate logo
( ), but it was pointed
out that our target audience isn't -the masses- and so there's no need to
market ourselves like a shoe company (corporate logos are deliberately
simple for the sake of branding).

The handshake image isn't, strictly speaking, even a logo. It's a visual
metaphor expressing the mission of SIAI, and one which I couldn't suitably
duplicate in logo form while retaining the visual impact.

PS. Please feel free to mention any bugs you find in the design, mentioning
your browser (inc.version). This, for the moment, is of the most



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