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Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 21:00:14 MDT

Hi, you wrote:

HN> My own view is that they are correct in their belief that this
HN> effect is mimicking a savant. However, psychological theories of
HN> savants are that they are lacking certain functions of the brain.
HN> They are not more creative or more capable.

Although I agree with the rest of what you wrote, I would disagree
that they are not "more capable". They are capable of certain types
of focus, as you point out, which are inhibited or interfered with by
higher-order functioning.

HN> By selectively shutting down certain higher functions of
HN> the brain, they are tapping into more lower-order functions. For
HN> example, drawing a dog is not creative. The person remembers a
HN> dog and copies the image. Shutting down higher functions actually
HN> makes this easier. The restricted brain doesn't see a holistic
HN> dog as much as it can see a bunch of lines and shapes at a lower
HN> level. This level of copying is easier.

This point is explicitly made in the article, and expounded upon at
length in the book _Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain_ (which is
an excellent guide for anybody who believes they cannot draw but would
like to).

HN> This is similar to the "focus" drugs in Vernor Vinge's "A Deepness
HN> in the Sky". It is probably also similar to any drug functions
HN> that suppress the more rational centers of the brain and seem to
HN> allow more creativity. They work by suppressing parts of the
HN> brain, not enhancing anything.

Some drugs probably work this way, such as Ketamine. Others, such
as LSD, seem to function by setting off plenty of "random" neuron
firings, allowing unforeseen connections to be made, without
necessarily "shutting down" any portion of the brain.

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